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Positioned in West Africa as well as surrounded by the Atlantic Sea, Ghana is acknowledged as a leading producer of chocolate as well as gold. For those delivering to Ghana, the nation’s largest port is the Port of Tema.

The Port of Tema is has 12 berths, a harbor for fishing and also a dry dock. Other shipping ports in Ghana consist of the Port of Takoradi, the Port of Elmina as well as the Port of Saltpond.

If you are delivering to Ghana, you will require to obtain needed records in order. Files needed for shipping to Ghana include:

Letter of Transfer from your company (if appropriate).
Ghana Customs Kind C. 12.
Total Inventory (created in English, with 일본 배대지 worths, dated, as well as authorized).
PUBD Kind (” Personal Unaccompanied Baggage Statement”) to be filled out at airport terminal of arrival.
Please note: failing may trigger charge and also delay.

If you are delivering utilized family products to Ghana, your freight should show up within twelve month of your very own arrival in the country.

Task Free Delivery to Ghana.

In regards to responsibility costs, you are allowed to deliver used house goods obligation free as long as you have actually possessed these products for a minimum of 6 months prior to delivery. In addition, in order to get approved for responsibility complimentary delivery you should intend to continue using your household items and also not re-sell them.

For those interested in shipping made use of electric home appliances to Ghana, you can ship one used electric home appliance per family members to Ghana obligation cost-free. If you want delivering several of the very same sort of used appliance, you will likely be expected to pay duty fees and tax obligations.

Limited Products when Shipping to Ghana.

If you are delivering to Ghana, more recent products that are much less than six months older undergo particular duty fees. You are also not permitted to bring huge amounts of food. If you are delivering medications to Ghana, you need to have a prescription unless the products you are delivering are for first aid functions.

If you are shipping brand-new electric things to Ghana, your cargo shipment will certainly go through personalizeds duties and taxes.

Banned Items when Shipping to Ghana.

If you are shipping to Ghana, please note that certain things are not allowed or are carefully limited. If you intend to ship firearms as well as weapons to Ghana, you will certainly be required to get unique licensure and licenses. This consists of supplying:.

Evidence of possession.